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Royal Challengers - xtrsyz.org - 08-12-2009 01:19 PM

- Competition only open to mig33 members in India, with registered and authenticated mobile numbers, who are a member of the Royal Challengers mobile fan group on mig33.

- For every 5 new friends the mig33 user successfully refers and activates to mig33, they qualify for one entry into the competition for the prizes.

- mig33 user must use 'Invite Friend' feature on their mig33 account, to make the referral.

- Each friend referred must successfully register and activate their account with mig33, to be counted as one friend referred. An activated user is one where the mobile phone number has been authenticated.

- The prizes consist of 25 items of signed Royal Challengers merchandise consisting of big bats, miniature bats and jerseys. Only one item will be awarded to any one person. The winners will be drawn randomly and the allocation of the prizes is at the sole discretion of mig33. The winners may be promoted via the mig33 mobile marketing message in India. The prizes are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

- Competition period is open from Friday 1 May 2009 (GMT) and ends Thursday 7 May 2009 (GMT).

- The prizes will be draw on Friday 8 May 2009 and the winners contacted via their registered mobile number with mig33.